Portfolio Day!

On September 14th, WUDPAC hosted its annual portfolio day for prospective students.  The event kicked off with the first summer work project talk, given by second year fellow Elena Torok.  Elena spent her summer working with some of the arachnid collections at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC.  Despite the images of spiders projected to elephantine dimensions, it was a really engaging and informative look at the conservation of natural history and some of its particular issues.

Attendees and students alike funneled out into Gallery reception to begin taking lab tours and look at the first year portfolios.  It certainly brought back my memories of visiting last year with all of the questions and uncertainty I had.  At the time, I really appreciated that the students gave their time and provided so much insight.  It was good to be able to (hopefully) provide that this year, as well as the occasional reminder to relax and breathe.  It certainly seemed a success, even spilling past the 7 o’clock witching hour.  Luckily, before the night was through and the enchantments broke, I got a peek at the many talents my classmates have cultivated in their preprogram years.  Well done everyone and kudos to Dr. Vicki Cassman for organizing this great event.

And for all the pre-programmers: You’ll be fine. Bonne chance.



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