Jen Schnitker

photo by Jim Schneck, 2011

Jen began her University of Delaware undergraduate career as a chemistry major looking for ways to incorporate her interests in art and music.  She was fortunate to find the Art Conservation Department and quickly decided to focus on musical instrument conservation.  While an undergraduate, Jen gained experience in the conservation of textiles and Russian icons.  She graduated in 2009 with Honors degrees in Chemistry and Art Conservation.  After leaving Delaware, she spent a summer at the Emory’s Michael C. Carlos Museum, where she worked with Renée Stein on the conservation of a Nigerian mask and textile rehousing.  In pursuit of a career as a musical instrument conservator, Jen went on to West Dean College, where she spent a year learning about and constructing baroque stringed instruments.  After this, she worked at the Smith College Museum of Art, helping to develop a database of XRF data on artists’ pigments, and at the American Museum of Natural History, where she assisted with a North West Coast totem pole project.  Jen also enjoys traveling by bike, playing classical guitar, attending orchestra performances, and woodworking.


First-year summer work project: Central Lydia Archaeological Survey, Turkey

Second-year summer work project: Horniman Museum, London

Third-year internship: Metropolitan Museum of Art

2014-2015 Postgraduate Fellow in Musical Instruments, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation


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