Marlene Yandrisevits

photo by Jim Schneck, 2011

In 2011, Marlene graduated from the University of Delaware with an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree in Art Conservation, Art History, and Chemistry, and a minor in Fine Arts. As an undergraduate, Marlene pursued research concerning the preservation and maintenance of outdoor sculpture at the University of Delaware’s Newark campus. At the University of Delaware, Marlene participated in conservation activities over a broad range of specialties, including paintings conservation under Dr. Joyce Hill Stoner, textile conservation under Dr. Vicki Cassman, the conservation of Russian icons under paintings conservator Anya Shutov, the conservation of contemporary art under paintings conservator Tatiana Ausema, and objects conservation under Ellen Moody and Bruno Pouliot.  Marlene also gained conservation experience close to home in Philadelphia, serving as an intern in decorative arts and sculpture conservation at the Philadelphia Museum of Art under objects conservators Sally Malenka, Melissa Meighan, Andrew Lins, and Kate Cuffari and for a rehousing project at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology under conservator Julia Lawson. On the other side of the country and abroad, Marlene was fortunate to assist in conservation projects at Yosemite National Park Museum under conservator Dr. Nancy Odegaard and WUDPAC fellow Beth Rydzewski, the Iglesia de Orurillo in Peru under paintings conservator Blanka Kielb, and Fengguo Temple in China under conservator Dr. Susan Buck and WUDPAC fellow Emily MacDonald-Korth.

First-year summer work project: Central Lydia Archaeological Survey, Turkey

Second-year summer work project: Royal Armouries, Leeds, UK

Third-year internship: Metropolitan Museum of Art

2014-2015 Andrew W. Mellon Fellow in Objects Conservation, Worcester Art Museum


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