Tessa Gadomski

photo by Jim Schneck, 2011

Tessa was introduced to art conservation while she was a high school student, when a close friend told her about the University of Delaware undergraduate program. Tessa graduated from the University of Delaware in 2009 with an Honors Degree with Distinction in Art Conservation, a second major in Art History, and a minor in Chemistry.  She has had a variety of internship experiences, including textile conservation with private conservator Gwen Spicer and objects conservation at Peebles Island Resource Center. She also participated in Russian icon conservation at the University of Delaware and went to Mississippi to assist in a survey of the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum’s ceramic collection after Hurricane Katrina. In preparation for her senior thesis project, she spent a summer in Lee, Massachusetts, assisting Mark McCormick-Goodhart of Aardenburg Imaging and Archives with his inkjet permanence research.   Tessa presented her research, entitled “Appropriate Techniques for Surface Cleaning Inkjet Prints,” at the 2009 Photographic Materials Group meeting in Tucson, Arizona.  Her completed paper was published in Topics in Photographic Preservation, Volume 13.  Since graduating, she has been a technician working with paper and photographs under the supervision of conservators Tom Edmondson and Nancy Heugh in Kansas City, Missouri. Tessa enjoys being outdoors, sewing, and painting.

First-year summer work project: North Bennett Street School and Harvard’s Weissman Preservation Center

Second-year summer work project: Smithsonian Institution Archives

Third-year internship: Library of Congress

2014-2015 Kress Fellow, Dartmouth College Library


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